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On Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continued their tour of New Zealand with a visit to Auckland. This time during the rain, Prince William made sure that his wife did not get a single drop of water on her, unlike on Wednesday. The Duke was so excited to see the planes that he forgot that he was shielding his wife as well from the rain.

For this visit the Duchess went back to one of her favorite outfits that she has been seen in twice before. She wore a nautical navy striped shirt by Me + Em, skinny jeans, navy corked wedges, and a navy double breasted blazer by Ralph Lauren. She later changed to deck shoes and put on a baseball cap and pulled her hair into a pony tail when racing against her husband in a yacht race.

They also received a gift for Prince George, it was a miniature boat made by Sealegs. The royal couple looked slightly confused when the gift was unveiled but were gracious on receiving the gift. I’m not sure why an almost 1 year-old needs a small motorized boat, but that’s just me.

boat 8

boat 2

The Duke making sure that his wife doesn’t get wet on Friday.


The Duke forgetting to cover his wife on Wednesday.












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